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Global Crop Production Analysis

Contact Area of Expertise Phone E-mail
International Production & Assessment Division - Global Crop Production
Ronald Frantz Director - Office of Global Analysis/IPAD-PECAD 202-720-4056
Paul Provance Deputy Director/Sr. Economist, Eastern United States 202-720-0873
Glenn Bethel USDA Remote Sensing Advisor 202-720-1280
Dath Mita Sr. Global Crop Analyst, India, Pakistan/Tech Lead/COR 202-720-7339
Curt Reynolds Sr. Global Crop Analyst, Sub-Saharan Africa and Mexico/SIA Manager/Tech Lead 202-690-0134
Bob Tetrault Sr. Crop Analyst, Brazil, Venezuela, Central America 202-720-1071
Mark Lindeman Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, FSU-12 202-690-0143
Michael Shean South East Asia 202-720-7366
Arnella Trent Canada, Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh 202-720-0881
Paulette Sandene China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan 202-690-0133
Jim Crutchfield Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific Islands 202-690-0135
Bryan Purcell Western and Central Europe, North Africa 202-690-0138
Denise McWilliams South America less Brazil and Venezuela 202 720-0107
William Baker Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Middle East 202-720-6740
Justin Jenkins Western United States 202-720-0419

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