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Commodity Intelligence Report
September 19, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Brings Drought Relief to Haiti but Causes Agricultural Damage

Tropical Storm Isaac struck the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba the third week of August. So far no extreme structural damages have been reported in the impacted region. Haiti is the only country so far reporting any loss of life.

Tropical Storm Isaac struck the south east and western departments of Haiti. This is not a major agricultural area. But FEWS/Net reports that 80 percent of the crops were impacted in the southern part of the Island. Only about 15 percent of the country’s total rice is grown in this area. (Rice is grown in this region from December to March.) Food availability in this region could be impacted. There are several reports of family gardens, bean production, banana, fruit plantations and cattle destroyed from excessive rain and wind. The extent of this agricultural damage is unknown in these areas.

Map of Hurricane Isaac in the Caribbean August 24 to 27, 2012


Although most of the damage was in the south, others parts of the Island received much needed rain. Since June Haiti has been in drought conditions. The Artibonite region was able to add about 100 mm of rains from Isaac which could assist with recharging the reservoirs in the Artibonite Valley. When tropical storm Isaac struck Haiti rice in the Artibonite Valley (which accounts for about 80 percent of total rice production) was being harvested. So far there are no reports of any disruptions from the storm. (For more information, contact Arnella Trent at 202.720.0881.)

Map of Rainfall in the Artibonite Valley, Haiti during Rice Season

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For more information contact Arnella Trent | | (202) 720-0881
USDA-FAS, Office of Global Analysis

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