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Commodity Intelligence Report
August 30, 2013

Situation Brief: 2013/14 Haiti Rice Production

USDA forecasts production to reach 80 metric tons (milled) in 2013/14 as compared to 62 metric tons (milled) a year ago. Area is forecast to remain unchanged from last year at 85 million hectares. 2013/14 rice production is forecast to rebound to average levels because of favorable weather.

Rice production in Haiti is dependent upon rainfall. The major rice producing area, L’Artibonite, is receiving above average rainfall so far this spring/summer season. Drought-like conditions negatively impacted the major rice producing area a year ago and caused yields to drop by 20 percent.

Current satellite-derived analysis (using MODIS NDVI departure from 10-year average) indicates that vegetation in the L’Artibonite region is slightly above average—a positive indication for rice production.

Haiti’s rice yield in 2013/14 is forecast to rebound to average levels or 1.67 T/Ha, up 20 percent from a year ago because of favorable weather conditions.

The spring/summer rice crop, which accounts for 70 percent of total production, is grown in the L’Artibonite region. Although rice is an irrigated crop, seeding and planting coincide with the rainy cycle which begins in April. Rice is harvested from September and completed by the end of October.

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